Anyone would think that Captain Birdseye was working at Digital Arts over the past few days, with a fresh catch of bizarre-looking sardine tins delivered to the desk daily. But there’s nothing fishy about this sighting.

These tins come straight from the La Sardina fish market to draw attention to an eponymous range of four colourful and stylish cameras shaped like the fishy cans from experimental and creative snapshot photography advocates Lomographic Society International. And the biggest catch of all is they’re analogue, designed to take wide-angle pictures on 35mm film.

Meet La Sardina’s Sea Pride and Marathon (£49 each, inc VAT), and El Capitán and Fischer´s Fritze (£89). The maritime quartet all sport a 22mm wide-angle plastic lens with a viewing angle of 88 degrees, exposure area of 36 x 24mm and focus range of 0.6m to infinity, as well as an aperture of 1:8 and shutter speed of 1/100.

For the extra £40, El Capitán and Fischer´s Fritze come attached with ‘Fritz the Blitz’, Lomography’s unique flash design (below) equipped with three distance settings, allowing you to change the intensity of the flash and illuminate your subject with yellow, red or blue filters – so get really adventurous.

Set to take analogue lovers’ hearts by storm, and blow a breath of fresh sea air through a digital-dominated compact-flash market, the pocket-sized point-and-shoot cameras take standard 135-roll film that can be developed easily at your local lab, and can be tripod-mounted on the ¼ in socket. It’s amazing what you can get in the can.