"The way I approach each wall is a lovely situationist approach -- it's really fun!. Just get to a place, explore, get a bit lost, do some drawings, [and then] try and capture the feel of the place and create the wall accordingly. There are certain themes for certain areas.  For example, Camberley has the Military College and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, so the work was quite delicate and light."

DA: Tell us about the Covent Garden piece.

LMC: "I think this is my favourite one.  I put quite a bit of pressure on myself, as I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it, and it was imperative for me to get it right.  It's the most stunning location opposite the Royal Opera House, and I wanted it to be quite a spectacle to draw people in.  The colours are quite feminine and bright, with a central prima ballerina figure, surrounded by the area's architecture and a starry sky."

DA: Overall, what's been the biggest creative challenge and how did you overcome it?

LMC: "I think that would have to be Gateshead.  Zizzi have opened a new site in the Metrocentre.  It's really something to see, with a wonderful living wall of plants stretching up to the ceiling.

"I was given three walls, which was amazing but quite a race to get it done.  I had a week, so I spent the majority of it on the main wall upstairs, which was massive.  Two days before I had to finish, I started on the smaller walls downstairs. I had such fun, and it was a very challenging week.  I was very mindful that I was going back to London on the Sunday, and I was starting Covent Garden on the Monday. That was always in my mind -- not to burn out and keep on top form for the next job."

DA: What was the most fun part of the commission?

LMC: "I know this sounds really cheesy - but, everything.  Thinking of ideas for the wall is always so exciting, not knowing what you're going to come up with.  The work itself is a new challenge each time, so it's always something that you never get complacent about.

"And, the final brush stroke feels amazing.  I love standing back and looking at it, thinking, 'it's pretty good!'"

DA: What's next?

LMC: "The next big thing on my calender is 'Lizzie Mary Cullen - The First Solo Show'.  It's coming up in September at Artefact Gallery in central London, and all proceeds go to charity.  We've already got a star filled press night lined up, and hopefully raise as much for charity as humanly possible."