Graphic designer and illustrator Damien Vignaux -- aka elroy -- has created the cover for the latest record by electro artist Leonard de Leonard on Leonizer Records. It's an eyecatching mix of hard low-poly geometry and dirty watercolours.

We sat down with Damien to find out more about the project.

DA: How would you describe your style?

DV: "I try my very best to keep doing stuff in opposite and changing directions so it's not the easiest question to answer to. I like mixing themes and medias and techniques. I don't mind working on twisted topics and I like exploring brighter ideas too. I think you develop best when you explore concepts you'd normally never go towards."

DA: How did you come to work with Leonard de Leonard and Leonizer?

DV: "I met Leonard himself when we played in a festival together like three or four years ago. He was one of the main DJ acts and i was the VJ for the night.

"A fun fact is also that his record Coup de foudre was one of the first i bought back in 2006 when i started DJing. We became friends through common acquaintances and when i moved to Berlin two years ago he really helped me out a lot. One thing lead to to another and I ended up handling the art direction for the label, making some posters and covers – and even video teasers. We just shot a video teaser that will go with the release.

DA: How did you create it?

DV: "The main track on this release is called Drum Bass and is very energetic, so i wanted to illustrate the precise moment when you get dead wasted and you start losing it like you're exploding. It was that simple. When you DJ you know this rush that the bassline brings when you play a good song at the right time.

"This cover is a scream, it's pure energy. I guess I came up with this kind of low-poly treatment so that I could suggest this in a more graphical way than creating a particle explosion. It has this retro feel i always tend to bring in my work but with a nice electro twist.

"I started with a picture of Leo, did the line drawing and basic colouring in Illustrator and then the texturing and grading in Photoshop. It's my basic workflow."

Below is Damien's poster for The Escapists' Gentleman's Club EP, an act that sees him and Leonard team up for more danceable goodness.

Damien is represented by Colagene.