Learn how to draw Totoro with a Studio Ghibli legend

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There have been a lot of Disney tutorials popping up of late on how to draw your favourite toons, the perfect edutainment for when you're bored at home and in need of a pick-me-up.

But while Disney is all well and good, you still can't beat its Japanese alternative in Studio Ghibli, and no doubt many of you have been streaming classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke without recourse to run through the wild and wondrous plains.

Totoro remains the crown jewel of Ghibli, so it's no surprise to find the studio's former president giving us a quick tutorial on how to draw everybody's favourite sprite.

In the clip which appeared online this week, Toshio Suzuki reveals the trick is to keep Totoro's eyes wide apart when drawing. While the acclaimed producer isn't actually an animator himself, Toshio does draw a mean and inky Totoro for us to coo over.

The above video comes with English subs, while Italian readers can find a version for them here. We don't know if there'll be more virtual classes from Toshio and other Ghibli talent, but why not check out these 79 free Disney tutorials while you wait?

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