Kristjana S Williams discusses her creative process with Triumph

Watch a video interview with Kristjana S Williams (above), following her creation of a series of illustrations for lingerie company Triumph.

One of Digital Arts' favourite creators of beautiful artworks has produced a series of illustrations for Triumph, which mix her hand-craftred creations with model shots featuring the brand's underwear. As is increasingly the trend with high-profile illustrators, Triumph have recorded an interview with Kristjana as a piece of content marketing for the brand – attempting to align its design process and the elegance of its lingerie with her and her work.

The video interview is hosted on the Triumph site. The only embeddable version we could find was from the brand's Polish division, which is why the version above has Polish subtitles (though the audio's in English)

You can see the illustrations below, as well as a short 'behind the scenes' film of the interview.

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