Updated: Kate Moross accuses Topman of ripping off her tribal pattern for a jumper

High street fashion and accessories chains are regularly accused of ripping off illustrators and independent designers. In the latest case, artist Kate Moross has pointed out on Twitter that a jumper currently being sold by Topman has a pattern that is incredibly similar to one she created and has sold on a sweatshirt from a year ago.

At first glance, the two designs are very much alike, with two elements (highlighted by Kate above in green and magenta) near indistinguishable.

You can see both designs in more detail below.

Kate Moross's Tribal sweatshirt, released October 2011

Doodle jumper on sale currently in Topman

We've reached out to Topman's PR, who have told us that a statement will be released this afternoon.

We may not hear more, as situations like this are often resolved under a veil of confidentiality. In February 2012, independent jewellery maker Tatty Devine pointed out similarities between items being sold by Claire's Accessories and classic items from its own line. In April, after the story appeared on BBC's Watchdog programme, a joint statement put an end to the matter, with some items being withdrawn by Claire's – but no details of any compensation payments were revealed.

Update 1:40pm

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