Julian Glander recreates your art school experience in quirky video game Art Sqool

The quirky 3D artist is bringing out an AI powered game like no other.

At Digital Arts we love the bonkers, fun and beautiful world of Julian Glander - and next year will see the chance for us to learn at the 3D artist's feet in typically idiosyncratic manner.

Art Sqool, due out early 2019, is one part video game, one art simulation and drawing program, offering hundreds of inspiring and open-ended drawing prompts to jump start your creative brain as you undertake 50 assignments from Professor Qwerts, an art-trained neural network which will give you drawing prompts and use his high-tech capabilities to objectively grade your work.

Yes humans, that means your work will be graded by an AI - truly an art school education like no other.

Did we also mention you get to play around with cool brushes and creative tools? There are 18 in total, with rad names like Squiggle Pencil, Rainbow Brush and Eyeball Tool. A topsy turvy, Wonderland version then of those straight-laced drawing apps you're currently using.

Brace yourself for Art Sqool to land early next year on Mac and PC, and have a play around until then on Steam with Julian's previous game Lovely Weather We're Having. You can also check out some more lovely GIFs below, as taken from the Art Sqool site.

Damn, we can't wait to play this one.

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