Ustwo has teamed up with Jon Burgerman to create the Inkstrumental iPhone application. It's finally out now, and those behind it are giving a talk about its creation at the Apple Store in London on Thursday.

The app lets you make 'crazy music' by tapping characters, each of whom produce an unusual sound. 'Notes' are automatically played, recorded and added to the wonky, hypnotic, rolling beats-- and the results can be shared via YouTube.

Ustwo says that by combining all the characters and sounds on offer you can create and record a mash-up of noise and mayhem, describing it as "a sure fire way to delight and annoy in equal measure."

mills, creative director at ustwo says:  “Inkstrumental is like a refinement of our collective studio brain, showing yet again that the studio of dreams is a creator intent on releasing app originality over and over again.  Inkstrumental is an app experience most companies wouldn’t dare to have attempted to make.  Inkstrumental is a hit no matter how well it does.”

Check out a video of the app on YouTube below.

Inkstrumental is available to download here.

Burgerman and mills will be discussing the project at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London on Thursday from 7-8pm.