Johanna Basford's sabbatical diary, week 12: How to draw 200 animals

Johanna's spent the week working through a list of 200 creatures for a super-sized Wonderbeasts artwork.

Johanna Basford is on a four-month sabbatical from paid work to concentrate on making herself a better artist, illustrator and all-round creative person.

Every week Johanna aims to publish a diary entry, which we'll be running on Digital Arts so you can follow the ups and downs – hopefully mainly ups – as she pushes her creativity and vision into new areas.

Week 12

This week has been all about Wonderbeasts, my co-creation Kickstarter project.

I’ve been drawing your suggestions, working my way through the list of 200 creatures that will make up this super-sized piece.

So, for one week only, I’ll leave the pictures to tell the story.

Finally, a quick Pupdate. The Studio Pup has grown!

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