Jock Mooney’s superbly garish Royal Wedding T-shirt art comes to life to let you marry Harry or Meghan

Created for fashion designer Philip Normal and AR tech company Zappar, this will likely provoke the same reaction as the Royal Wedding itself.

The T-shirts created by fashion designer Philip Normal and artist Jock Mooney ride the line between an over-the-top ironic take on pop culture – and wholeheartedly embracing it. Which you find in it often depends on who’s wearing it, and this is just as true for their latest design. Following gay icons from Pat Butcher to the Spice Girls, the new tee features this weekend’s happy couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Rendered in the collaborators' trademark over-saturated hues and non-more-cheesy presentation, the tee is just as gloriously superficial as the day itself (for anyone who’s not friends or family of the couple, of course).

Your reaction to this tee – and anyone seeing you wearing it – is likely to be the same as the Royal Wedding itself. If you love the pomp and circumstance of the day, you’ll feel likewise about the tee. If you’re a staunch republican (with a lower-case ‘r’) appalled by the endless stream of coverage as journalists write stories to cash in on the wedding (ahem, Ed), this T-shirt probably isn’t for you. If you’re not bothered either way, you probably didn’t click on this story to read it. Your loss, frankly.

The T-shirt was commissioned by Zappar, whose augmented reality app can bring the design to life, letting you create your own memorabilia of you marrying either the ex-tabloid-favourite prince (when his addiction was to courses vain), or the star of US TV drama Suits. You can makes yourself appear on all of the classic Royal Wedding tat: a teatowel, totebag, plate or stamp(?).

(If it’s too late to buy the T-shirt, you can see the results by downloading the free Zappar app and pointing it at the image below).

The app also lets you donate to Philip Normal’s favourite charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust.

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