It's A Cut Up exhibition showcases collage artworks


Photomontage, collage and assemblage are set to take centre stage at the new It's A Cut Up exhibition, which will kicked off today at The Gallery at Flannels, Leeds.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Peter Kennard, Graham Rawle, Chila Kumari Burman and Mark Lazenby, as well as several emerging artists in the field of photomontage such as John Cheetham and Rosalyn Halford. Below is a selection of what will be on show at It's A Cut Up later this month.

Peter Kennard's political photomontage work includes the G8 poster series.
Grapham Rawle's The Wizard of Oz reinterpretation.
Chila Kumari Burman's Churning Curds series.
Stephen Golding's Road to Necropolis inspired by the film Shoah and photos by Roman Vishniac.
Ian Killen describes his art as "a juxtaposition of Systems Art and Mass observation."
The work of Jon Langford.
An example of established artist Mark Lazenby's collages.
John Cheetham's work stems from the idea that we are confronted by a stimulatory overload through the media, internet, TV and advertising.
Work by Rosalyn Halford.
Collage by Rochard rouska.
Work by Rob Jameson.

The It's A Cut Up exhibition is set to take place until 12 October at The Gallery at Flannels, Leeds. For more info, visit the exhibition's website.

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