Interview: New Designer of the Year Brinley Clark

Brinley Clark has only just graduated from the University of Hertfordshire, but is already well on his way to a successful career as a graphic designer, having picked up the New Designer of the Year Award at last week's New Designers show in London. We sat down with him to find out more.

Brinley is from Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire and studied Graphic Design and Illustration. His Shit or Miss? final project is what brought him to the judges attention, with an usual mix of photography and pigeon faeces.

DA: How would you describe your style?

BC: "All my work is conceptual, I like to have a message or a meaning behind all my work. It has to have that cleverness about it that makes the audience laugh or go 'aah, I get it'."

DA: Tell us about Shit or Miss?

BC: "The project was in response to a brief I was set at uni. The brief was to create a book in vein of an artist's journal. It had to be experimental, it had to accessible to becoming part of a series and it had to be a book.

"My answer was simple, to test how rare it is to get 'pooed' on by a pigeon. I found out all kinds of weird and wonderful facts such as all pigeons gather around northenly facing bridges because of the direction of sun and wind. I found out that pigeons are attracted to bright colours due to the connatations of the sun. So I broke the day up into six hours: three places, two hours at each place. I set up my tripod up and my partner took a photo of me in a yellow mac every five minutes."

DA:  What materials did you use?

"For the book, I used Chromulux board for the cover to represent the yellow mac and the inside is Robert Horne Munken Lynx 12gsm paper.

"The stamp on the front is a wax stamp to represent how pigeon poo was once deemed property of the Crown, because of it's high fertilizing qualities. That's why it's lucky if you get 'pooed' on."

DA: Who and what are you main influences?

"Paul Rand, Abram Games, Alan Fletcher and Saul Bass. Their work was witty, clever and to the point. They were designers because they had a pure passion for art and design."

DA: Why do you think you won the award?

"For my passion for design. I love what I do and I think it shows."

DA: What are your plans now?

"Work as hard as I can at the placements I have and hopefully get the job I've dreamed of for the last four-five years."

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