Illustrators create Smart car art for book pitch

OutSmart is a new creative project from Bristol-based illustrator Gemma Randall, who has invited artists to contribute to a book celebrating the urban icon that is the Smart car.

The project's aim is to create a book of the illustrations, which will be pitched to Smart for funding and -- hopefully -- payment for the artists included. So far over 80 illustrators have agreed to take part, with artists already having submitted work including Ben The Illustrator, Bex Glover, 45RPM, and Camellie Dobrin.

Bex Glover,

Ben the Illustrator,

Here's the brief, which is quite charming:

Smart! It's a tiny car with a giant heart.
You have a two page spread.

What and where would you like your car to be?

This is your space so be as loose or as strict as you like, as real or as imaginary as you like.

Create your car and your ideal place to drive it, park it, fly it?

The only bar is that the shape of the car remains Smart-like!



Gemma Randall

Camellie Dobrin

Stephen Chan

Illustrators interested in taking part should email Gemma or contact her through OutSmart on Twitter. The deadline is July 26.

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