Registration is now open for ‘Shadow Play: Alchemy, Redolence and Enchantment’; the first symposium run by Illustration Research at the Cardiff School of Art & Design.

Taking place on November 2-4, event aims to explore themes around alchemy and enchantment in illustration. Speakers include Roderick Mills, Graham Rawle, Dr Alex Seago, Dr Robert Wallis, Anna Bhushan and Sophie Herxheimer.

From the blurb:

"We will examine content as well as the time, space, world and the situations in which we live and explore ways in which this can be improved, possibly through imagery, film, storytelling, architecture, and design. We will look at the stance we take, to consider how literature and images work together in a frission creating something, which may be alchemic, which may become redolent which enchants enough to leave something in the mind, in the imagination. In a rather odd state of affairs in western culture we ask questions, and consider, at a distance what our stance is, what we are trying to say, and moreover what we will endeavour to do to nurture imagination so that it creates the most marvellous things which  can endure.