How illustrators helped redesign Wham Bars and Flumps as part of new Candyland brand


Tangerine's portfolio of classic British sweets has been given a makeover, so we spoke to the illustrators behind the new Candyland brand design to find out how they did it.

Tangerine, the sweets company behind well-loved classics including Wham Bars, Flumps and Liquorice Allsorts, has consolidated its portfolio of sweets into a single new brand: Candyland.

To do so, the confectionary maker worked with branding and packaging design agency BrandOpus and illustrators from Jelly London to create this new magical world where all sweets come from.

The Candyland branding comes complete with its very own map.

Jelly London house illustrator Lauren G told us that, when she and three other Jelly London illustrators met with BrandOpus, the design team there already had a strong idea of how they'd like the brand to look. "Stylistically, the various landscapes and characters all had to sit together as one brand," she explained.

"The brief asked for us to create a world that was vibrant and uniform. It was essential that the products had to appeal to both children and adults alike while bringing a fresh take on a brand with products that are a nostalgic British classic."

"To achieve this, we worked on each packet individually, first concentrating on designing the characters, who in most cases had to have a strong resemblance to the product," said Lauren. "The key theme of 'embracing nonsense' allowed us the freedom to be quite illustrative in how we represented the various textures and flavours."

"It was a very intense job which required a lot of hours in the studio. The late nights took their toll but working as part of a team definitely helped."

Lauren told us that the Wham Assorted Minis design was the first one to be completed. "I really went for it by adding all sorts of different characters and elements," she says. "There were rockets of all different shapes, comets, planets, satellites, clients and tentacles everywhere!"

"I remember leaving the studio in the small hours that night and thinking if that's the level of work that was expected for each design, we were not going to see daylight for a while.

"Luckily, it turned out that I'd got carried away and stripping things back felt like such a relief," Lauren continued. "It's still a favourite not because of the design but because it reminds me of the excited, pit of the stomach nerves that started to bubble away when we first started the project."

Candyland is set to make its way onto the shelves in August, so expect to see the new designs in a supermarket near you soon.

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