How Bram Vanhaeren turned an idea every day into typographic designs

21-year-old digital artist Bram Vanhaeren should be well known to readers of Digital Arts, having created the cover of our May 2010 issue and tutorials across fashion illustration and urban type art. His latest project is to produce regular type-based artworks based on positive quotes, under the banner of An Idea Everyday.

We caught up with Bram to find out more about the project.

DA: What prompted you to do this?

BV: "It was a normal Sunday afternoon when I wanted to share an idea with some friends. But I knew I had to come up with a different approach then just using paper. When you give your idea strong typography and visuals, people will find it easier to understand and remember. I can share my ideas, quotes I find interesting and lyrics with everyone in a way I really like."

DA: How do you choose the quotes?

BV: "I have many quotes saved in a notebook, quotes that mean a lot to me and are part from my lifestyle. Other quotes comes from the daily life as a young graphic designer, such as movies I saw the other night. And amazing songs I find. I've always been looking for these new or vintage items. Now I finally found a way to share it with people."

DA: How do you choose the typefaces?

BV: "I have some favourite fonts, but for 50% of these artworks. I've been creating my own typography. There is no good recipe, it's all about feeling and what you like."

DA: What's the key to creating a harmonious mix of type, graphics and photography?

BV: "You have to like what you do. I stopped thinking about what other people might think, since I will never know. It's my journey and I have to trust myself I do my very best every single time. I believe if you do your best and you believe in your work. There is no chance your project will fail on you. Once I've lost the fun and I don't like it anymore, I will stop immediately."

DA: How do you find the time to do this?

BV: "I always tell myself, if you have no time, make time. If you can't do something, learn how to do it. If you really want to do something, you will find a way. And with this project I challenged myself not to work more then one hour on this project. January will be a busy month with school, I hope I can do 2-3 ideas every week. But once examinations are over, I will be back everyday. For sure."

DA: What personally have you got out of doing the project?

BV: "More then I expected, it's really amazing so far. I started this project with some small intentions, challenged myself and have fun. Then I learned how to use social media in a way I never tough I would ever use it. People are actually sharing ideas with their friends and my Facebook page turned into a small community. Which is amazing! As a young graphic designer/artist all these little things means so much."

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