'Home' is how you do a virtual art show with aplomb

We've seen a lot of folk do virtual art shows recently, but yet to see an independent creator manage to pull one off with such style on the Holy Trinity of desktop, mobile and even VR.

Hats off to artist Martina Martian then, who's got some pretty big names onboard for Home, an online gallery featuring works by (deep breath) Marylou Faure, Hazel Mead, Robin Eisenberg, Grace Miceli, Adam J. Kurtz, Laura Brouwers, Pink Bits, Shuturp, Samantha Rothenberg, Holly St. Clair and Martina herself.

The show unveiled today at this link and has already had a lot of visitors (including us.) It's a lot of fun.

For creative types missing the experience of attending events due to isolation, HOME: The virtual art show aims to substitute the experience of walking around a local art exhibition and engaging with the creative community. It may also be an example of what the future of the independent art scene might look like under quarantine.

Exhibition attendees can 'walk' around and chat with other attendees while listening to sounds by London DJ Yemisul.

Martina says "This is the start of seeing more virtual art exhibitions from artists around the world. Attending events by artists from our own communities is an important experience that we shouldn't have to miss out on due to quarantine."

"Being stuck at home doesn't mean that creativity is cancelled".

Martina and featured artist Hazel Mead have also just released colouring sheets for Photoshop and Fresco users (you may remember Hazel from our Adobe Fresco review last year.)

Download those here, including pieces by Octavia 'Tink' Bromell, who drew a picture of the author last year without him knowing (long story, but thanks Tink!)

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