Hello Charlie brands new Big Brother series for Channel Five

The show that established the idea of reality TV in the UK, Big Brother, is back next week in its new home on FIVE with the latest edition of the 'celebrity'-filled version of the show. Bristol-based design consultancy has given its branding a makeover, debuting a new version of the iconic eye logo.

Hello Charlie designed the titles for the last 6 years of Big Brother’s 11 year run on Channel 4 -- but this is the first time that the studio has designed the eye itself.

"Because it's a new channel. it's a new programme but you have to maintain people’s expectations for Big Brother as an iconic brand," says Neil Harris, senior designer at Hello Charlie, "but also encompassing Channel 5’s core values with a design that really symbolises the channel.’

Hello Charlie created an icon based on the idea of a "hybrid of the human and the mechanical", says Neil. It aims to use the basic structure of the eye to create a logo that can be easily adapted for future series’ across forms including print, online, and TV. He adds that "it had to be timeless, and something very instant and obvious for the viewer."

The first show of Celebrity Big Brother on Five is on Thursday August 18.

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