Graeme Messer's exhibition aims to challenge fears and insecurities

A blend of mirrors, brutal honesty and LED technology is taking over London’s Lights of Soho gallery next Tuesday as part of Graeme Messer’s witty and revealing exhibition of new works. 

Bluntly named I Love This Motherf***er in true Graeme style, the exhibition of a variety of different mirrors will dare participants to peer deeper into personal fears, insecurities and desires.

A series of works such as How Did This Happen?, Can I Rewind and Start Again? And Sex on Legs will take participants through a journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance and celebration. 

Participants will be challenged to unearth and reflect on the often-daunting inner thoughts that arise when confronted with one’s own reflection. 

Within the hall each mirror will be etched with positively provocative LED messages, such as “Maybe it’s okay to just be me”, “I’m the dog’s bollocks” and “Grab life by the balls”. 

The exhibition aims to draw comparisons between how we see ourselves in real life, and how we brand ourselves on social media. 

“In a world where we are all busy promoting idealised versions of ourselves on social media, what happens when we stop and look at ourselves for real, in the mirror?” asks Graeme.

“Do we like what we see? Can we laugh at ourselves? Can we wholeheartedly say, ‘I love this Motherf***er’?”

The London-based contemporary artist has a background in theatre, and is known to interweave performance with assemblage, light-art and the written word, often creating work that can be moving, uncomfortable, and proudly autobiographical.

I Love This Motherf***er will be available to view at Lights of Soho from November 1 to November 26. All pieces on display at the exhibition will be available to purchase, with prices ranging from £600 to £6000.

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