A Gorillaz fan has created The Evangelist -- a new character in Gorillaz world that has been redrawn by band member and artist Jamie Hewlett. Depicting a man with a fish bowl on his head, sporting a mohican and toting a water gun, the drawing beat competition from over 5,000 other entrants.

All entries were subject to five rounds of public voting, with Jamie Hewlett and Gorillaz’ design team judging the finalists from each week. Over 175,000 people voted in total and the winner has now been credited on the competition page. They will receive a Gorillaz gift pack -- including a signed, framed print of Jamie Hewlett’s final design of The Evangelist.

The winning design by jirouta

Jamie Hewlett's redrawing

Here's the blurb about the Boogieman:

“The Evangelist” is the opposite of The Boogieman; the light to his awful shade.
The Boogieman is believed to be a dark and hideous figure, composed of all the evil in the world, all wrapped up inside his black swirling cloak. He has a gas mask for a face. He may have reappeared throughout history, an ominous figure accompanying the re-emergence of Murdoc Niccals through all of time.
The Boogieman ate the soul of the Policeman in the Stylo video, appears to gas 2D to bring him to the Plastic Beach Island and most recently was seen dragging the manatee down in the Melancholy Hill video.
Who or what The Boogieman is is largely still unknown, but it looks like he’s here to collect on Murdoc’s long outstanding debts, perhaps to drag him down for good?
The Evangelist is the Boogieman’s nemesis.”

The competion was run to promote Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 browser.