Go Set A Watchmen cover artwork: Sarah Coleman reveals how she drew the only commissioned cover for Harper Lee's new novel

Harper Lee's highly anticipated sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird - Go Set A Watchman - is out today.

The UK and US editions have type-heavy cover designs created in-house by Random House, which feature the words To Kill A Mockingbird as big as Go Set A Watchman in case anyone had missed the hype around this sequel released 55 years after the world was first introduced to 'Scout' Finch, her father Atticus and Boo Radley.

The only cover commissioned externally for the book was by Korean publisher Open Books. Sarah Coleman - aka Inkymole - had already created the cover of the 50th Anniversary edition of To Kill A Mockingbird, so was a natural choice to produce a more illustrative cover than those UK and US editions.

In a blog post, Sarah says that she worked on the covers without having read the book - which was being kept secret at the time. All she knew was that 'Scout' - now grown up and using her real name of Jean-Louise - would be returning to her home town to see her father Atticus to discover that both of them had changed.

She details how she worked up the artwork from a series of sketches to the final piece, including this video of her drawing and inking Scout.

Read Sarah's blog post for more details,

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