Gig Posters is one of our favourite books of 2010, collecting some cracking examples of rock show flyers featuring artwork from both music specialists and non-genre illustrators such as Tara McPherson. The best part was that the 101 posters are detachable ready for framing and hanging on your wall.

Gig Posters II has the same concept, bringing together 101 more posters featuring the artwork for David V D’Andrea, Peter Cardoso, Graham Pilling, Hatch Show Print for acts including Black Keys, Flight of the Conchords, Ice-T, Sufjan Stevens, Built to Spill, Decemberists, The Hold Steady, and Slayer and Mastodon.

The posters are drawn largely from the genres of indie, rock, metal and out-and-out weirdness. Each poster has an interview with the artist concerned, discussing their work, inspirations, techniques for the poster shown, with one full page of artwork, and up to eight smaller examples of their work shown.

Here's some examples of what's inside.

The posters are drawn from the archive of online shop