Gemma Correll's funny Pokémon Go characters are ones you don't want to find

Pokémon Go has captured everyone's imagination – more than Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or even porn, apparently. It has its lovers, haters and those who see it as today's social phenmomenon to write funny comics about.

This final group includes some of our favourite comic writers/artists, including xkcd and now Gemma Correll. Best known for her wry look at the world and herself – and an obsession with her pug Mr Pickles that is epitomised by the popular (and much ripped off) Pugs Not Drugs T-shirt – Gemma's not one to take the Pokémon Go seriously. Instead, she prefers to get away from the endless conversations about whether the game is any good, good for society and/or a fad, and just has some fun with the concept.

For political-comics-and-cartoons site The Nib, Gemma has created 11 'Less Popular Pokémon' that you're almost certainly not going to want to catch. Some of these are drawn from everyone's childhoods – such as Cootie – while others are linked to current annoyances from social media or politics (eg Mansplain and the Donald Trump-referencing Asshat). And some, like Herpes, are just in most people's Top 10 list of things you don't want to catch.

See Gemma Correll's Less Popular Pokémon.

Originally for Norwich, Gemma now lives in Oakland, California. She can be seen – and met – at San Diego Comic Con from tomorrow (Thursday) until Sunday. She's sharing Booth #5641 with artist Tuesday Bassen, who recently accused Zara of ripping off her badge and pin designs.

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