Paris department store transformed into Tumblr-driven art gallery

Tumblr art covers the walls and windows of Paris's Galeries Lafayette department store

Diesel's new artistic director Nicola Formichetti – also known for being the stylist behind Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress – has put Tumblr art in the spotlight in Paris by transforming much of department store Galeries Lafayette into an enormous public gallery of digital art.

As part of Diesel's Reboot campaign, a new "mission" called "Show me your artwork" invited artists from across the globe to submit their work to Diesel on Tumblr for the chance to be a part of the mission.

Thousands of artists sent in their work with the #Dieselreboot tag, and Nicola chose a whopping 1,000 of the submissions, all of which can currently be seen covering the external walls and windows of Galeries Lafayette in Paris along with each artists' Tumblr URL.

Each piece of art gets a sizeable chunk of space and a URL so you can track down the artist. The Diesel branding, while there, is subtle.

There's also a GIF booth within Galeries Lafayette for the duration of the exhibition that lets visitors create a Gif to share on Tumblr.

I was invited to the unveiling of the exhibition and was amazed at the scale of the project. It's pretty incredible, and the Diesel branding is pleasingly subtle.

What I loved about the exhibition is that it's completely unavoidable. If you're walking past it you'll inevitably take notice, so people who wouldn't normally be exposed to Tumblr art, or even art at all, have now found themselves faced with it in an unexpected space. The contrast between the digital art and the classic architecture of Galeries Lafayette plays a huge part in the appeal of the project, too.

Five artists have their work displayed on an even larger scale both inside (above) and outside (below) the store.

In addition to the 1,000 artists, Nicola also chose five stand-out artists to play a bigger part in the exhibition, all of which he discovered on Tumblr. The five artists, each from different parts of the world, will have their work displayed throughout Galeries Lafayette until 24 October as part of the exhibition.

Central St Martins graduate Roxanne Gatt is among the five chosen artists, alongside French visual artist Nicholas Boillot, architect and graphic designer Eva Papamargarti from Greece, China-based Kim Laughton and artist-render avatar LaTurbo Avedon from the USA.

Nicola chatting with his chosen artists.

The exhibition will remain at Galeries Lafayette until 24 October. If you're in Paris before then it's well worth a visit.

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