Fotolia offers second layered PSD artwork for free download today

Soongyu Gwon's work Kentauros puts a more fragile spin on the traditional mythical being.

Kentauros (which means 'centaur' in Greek) can be downloaded for free from for today only as part of the Ten campaign from Fotolia.

Korean artist Soongyu Gwon is a creative director at D.FY Inc. Design Group in Seoul. Soongyu says he is "above everything else, a man searching for the deeper meanings in life. Motivated by personal reflection deeply related to his culture and Korea's 5,000 year history.

Kentauros puts a different spin on the traditional Centaur myth by replacing the traditionally brutal, half man-half horse creature with a fragile girl. Set in a desolated fantasy world, a dead tree seems to shelter her from threatening crows

"I replaced her legs with those of a foal, rather than those of a horse, to emphasize her fragility," says Soongyu (above). "The presence of crows increases tension, and generates fear. The dead tree branches create a protection around the Centaur. The three moons in the sky lend a fantastic atmosphere to the whole.

"I finished with adjusting the colours tone, and added some blue tone, to make the cold feel."

Fotolia is also selling the artwork as a poster, a wall canvas or a t shirt from The company has also released a video interviewing Soongyu (below).

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