For National Cat Day, let Cat Gurus guide your life with these inspirational advice cards

Some of the world's most famous and beloved moggies are here to save you with inspirational wisdom.

Today October 29th is National Cat Day - so why not celebrate it by taking sage advice from some of the cat kingdom's finest minds?

Cats are often known for being wiser than the humble dog, and in that spirit we have Cat Gurus, a collection of lovingly illustrated advice cards as published by Laurence King.

Illustrated by Mister Peebles - aka Helen McGinley - and written by Liz Faber & Caroline Roberts, these cards pick the minds of celebrated fictional felines like the Cheshire Cat, along with more real-life pussies like Ai Wei Wei Cat, the little kitty who lives in the Chinese artist's studio, and famed moggies like Hank, who almost won an American senate seat back in 2012.

Money problems? Consult Blackie the millionaire cat. Having a bad day? Ask the Cheshire Cat how he stays smiling. Lacking courage? Be inspired by Felicette, the first cat in space. Simply select a card from the pack, follow the advice inspired by the cat’s personal philosophy and the world is your saucer.

Packaged in a gift box with an accompanying booklet that introduces all the cats, Cat Gurus could be a nice gift for the cat lover in your life this National Cat Day - unfortunately, it's out next month on November 19th on so you'll just have to preorder the cards for the moment.

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