Find beautiful, free illustrations of Black people on this new website

Medical heroes also included in the Black Illustrations set.

We all love a freebie, but we love projects that encourage diversity in design even more.

Coming to fill a longtime gap in the market is Black Illustrations, a series of free digital designs of Black people as released this week by Miami-based agency 5Four.

As their mission statement reminds, people of colour are often underrepresented in illustrations, lacking in the design process and often go unseen in visuals across the internet.  

5Four saw the lack of diversity as an opportunity to create a free resource for everyone, a way to add diversity to online content by showcasing Black people and people of colour in a myriad of tasks, including medical work.

The Black Illustrations library of images includes 40+ images to choose from for your next project, whether website, web application or mobile app. The artwork is also fine for personal use, as explained in the Creative Commons license.

Download the set free on Gumroad in PNG, JPG, Sketch and other file formats. There are also multiple skin tones, attire and hair styles to choose from, and those healthcare heroes we mentioned are included in a bonus Medical Professionals pack.

Visit the 5four website here.

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