Final leg of the Character Totem Live Draw Tour in Manchester tomorrow

All-round top illustration-event organiser Inkygoodness have a reputation for bringing new and exisiting talent to our doorsteps. This Saturday they've brought together a collection of fantastic artists for the final leg of the Totem Live Draw tour, in collaboration with The Publishers Club.

The touring exhibition features top illustrators from the UK and Europe customising six-foot Totems. The artist have been seen in London and Bristol and will be visiting Manchester before exhibiting at Pictoplasma conference in Berlin in April. 

Artists Moot, Matt Saunders, Fon Fon, Robert Shadbolt & Toy Factory are confirmed to customise their very own character-based tote bag.

The Publisher's Club will also be launching Totummy, a collaborative zine project. They will be featuring live screen printing.

The event kicks off at 1pm at the Cord bar in Manchester. 

Lisa Hassell of Inkygoodness. Taken at the Totem Live Draw event in London.

Michelle Turton of Inkygoodness. Taken at the Totem Live Draw event in London. Photos by Johann Chan


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