Filthymedia gives reggae DJ icon David Rodigan some signal

Brighton-based design studio Filthymedia has created a t-shirt and print for David Rodigan, an iconic reggae DJ and 'walking reggae encyclopedia' -- who's been tearing up dancehalls since the lates 1970s.

Both the T-shirt and print include two of Rodigan's signatures -- his Two Ronnies-esque glasses and the phrase 'Give me some signal'. We sat down with Steve Gotts from Filthymedia to find out how this came to be.

David Rodigan wearing one of Filthymedia's T-shirts

DA: How did you come to work with David Rodigan?

SG: "We have known David for a few years now after booking him for a party we put on in Brighton. He is a highly respected figure in the reggae community and was someone we always wanted to work with. We had discussed a number of different projects with him and the T shirts and screenprints are the first of many.

"We were commisioned to create a limited run of T-shirts based around his signature phrase 'Give me some Signal'. We decided to accompany the shirt with a signed screenprint, which was printed by our friends

DA: Where does the phrase 'Give Me Some Signal' come from?

SG: "David is well known for his wealth of musical knowledge and catchy one liners. His signature phrase is a call for action, a sign of appreciation to the record he has just played in his set. It's his way of asking for a reaction from the crowd.

DA: How did you decide on and create the typographic styling based on this phrase?
SG: "After submitting a number of directions, the typographic route was the one that everyone agreed on. We were looking for something that was clear, simple and that could be visible from a distance.

"We originally used a font called Fury but the legibility was becoming a concern, so we switched to Plak, which is a lot cleaner [Plak was designed by David Renner, creator of Futura]. We then cut into the font and offset some of the letters at different angles, sizes and introduced some directional arrows to the composition.

DA: Why a two-colour screenprint?

SG: "This is was down to firstly cost, and secondly we wanted to keep the first run of prints simple. We felt the red and black was strong and punchy, and worked well to bring the design to life."

The T-shirts and prints are available from David Rodigan's website. Another set of designs later on in the year is due later in the year.

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