Exhibition brings together Jonathan Yeo's portraits of Nicole Kidman, Erin O'Connor & more

Nicole, 2012

The Eleven gallery in London is to host an exhibition bringing together 10 of Jonathan Yeo’s portraits of actors, models, designers and the like. Their subjects include iconic faces such as Nicole Kidman, Sienna Miller, Dennis Hopper and Erin O’Connor.

The portfolio will feature new images alongside reworked versions of some of his best-known portraits. Each has been produced using a variety of media and printing techniques

From the show's blurb:

'Some People is a return to Yeo’s figurative roots and is the first serious body of portraits he has created in a number of years. His last few exhibitions have explored the possibilities of paint and collage to examine contemporary perceptions of beauty, pornography and plastic surgery. In revisiting some of his most intriguing sitters, he realises this portfolio through his expressive marks and acute realism. Often his sitters emerge from an anonymous background unencumbered by accoutrements associated with traditional portraiture allowing their personalities and alluring characteristics to freely emerge.

'Yeo employs a range of media to create a diverse portfolio of portraiture. He captures his sitters through photographs, etchings and hand finished inkjet prints, each revealing part of his artistic process as their features materialise in each print. Original paintings and sketches will also be exhibited alongside his print portfolio, showcasing Yeo’s range of techniques and masterful aptitude for portraiture.'

Erin, 2012
Grayson, 2012
Jonny, 2012 (self-portrait)
Dennis, 2012 (All images courtesy of Eleven, London)

The portfolio consists of 10 prints of various sizes and is an edition of 60.

The show runs from November 16 to December 8 2012.

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