Emanuele Kabu's animated gifs give you 31 ways to say "get lost"

This animated gif project is unashamedly crude and the perfect uplift after a bad meeting, journey or just an overall crappy day.

It's actually a couple of years old, but I was having a crappy day, got reminded of this and thought I repost in case you are too.

Just watch the animated gifs from Emanuele Kabu's project 31 Ways To Say Fuck Off and feel your annoyance drift away, leaving you ready to get on with something more creative. Or at least feeling better after a good laugh.

Emanuele has also created a video of the gifs, which you can watch above.

Emanuele says that he started creating these gifs while going through some difficult times. He set himself three rules to follow with each: it must work as a gif, it must loop and each should feature a fist with an extended middle finger.

The results are funny, inventive and more than a little juvenile – which we're fully in favour of for dealing with such circumstances.

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