Unveiled in the UK at last weekend's SWPP trade show, Eizo has launched the FlexScan SX2762W, a 27-inch monitor for professionals in graphic design, and digital art and photography. The company has also debuted the EasyPIX Ver. 2 colour profiling system to ensure accurate colours.

The monitor uses an IPS LCD panel with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440. It has a maximum brightness of 270 cd/m², contrast ratio of 850:1, 6 ms grey-to-grey response time and 178° viewing angles.

Three different digital inputs – DVI-D, DisplayPort, and mini DisplayPort – are included. DisplayPort and mini DisplayPort accept both video and audio signals simultaneously while mini DisplayPort also offers connection with Mac and Windows-based notebook computers.

The FlexScan SX2762W includes several features to ensure accurate colour display, says Eizo. The wide colour gamut reproduces 97 percent of the Adobe RGB colour space, while the 10-bit display allows the monitor to show 1.07 billion colours simultaneously. A 16-bit, 3D look-up table (LUT) improves the panel's additive colour mixture (combination of red, green and blue) for more accurate colour and greyscale tones, while the Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) compensates for fluctuations in brightness and chroma uniformity that are characteristic of LCD panels

The monitor also includes technology that Eizo says stabilises the brightness after start up or coming out of sleep mode, while an integrated sensor counteracts the influence that changes in ambient temperature have on the display of colour tones.

The FlexScan SX2762W is the first model in the FlexScan series with a new cabinet design and the first to come with the new FlexStand 2. The cabinet design maintains the distinct look of Eizo monitors while introducing a more smoothly rounded look. The FlexStand 2 complements the new cabinet design with its curved neck and solid round base while still offering very versatile positioning with 151.5 mm height adjustment, 25° tilt, 344° swivel, and 90° rotation for portrait mode viewing.

Other features include a USB 2.0 hub with one upstream and two downstream ports, simulation of two types of red-green (protanopia and deuteranopia) and one type of blue-yellow (tritanopia) colorblindness, and a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

The EasyPIX Ver. 2 colour matching tool includes software and the EIZO EX1 colour sensor. EIZO EasyPIX Ver. 2 includes the simple colour matching features for newcomers to colour management, but now offers hardware calibration for more advanced users. With hardware calibration, the monitor itself is calibrated rather than the computer's graphics board. This ensures no colour tones are lost in the calibration process and results in more predictable on-screen colour.

Pricing for the FlexScan SX2762W and EasyPIX Ver 2 have yet to be announced.