Zoikz is a new children’s character based franchise created by interactive agency Digital Outlook along with RDF Rights. The first appearance of the characters are in an online game launched at the Miniclip.com games site.

Digital Outlook says that the premise of Zoikz is that "best friends stumble upon a conspiracy to undermine the very power and communication systems upon which the world depends. Working, quite literally, from within the grid, the Zoikz have a simple plan – world domination.

"Merging real world personas with their own computer driven avatars, the friends must find out why, how, where… and do battle. The stakes are high, made even higher by the fact that the adult world does not believe them."

Targeted at 8 to 12 year old boys, the franchise will launch as a multilevel game with augmented reality trading on Miniclip. Children's publisher Egmont has come on board as the global publishing partner and will initially be supporting the launch of Zoikz in popular pre-teen boys’ magazine Toxic to coincide with the Miniclip launch.