Every year since 2005, artist Pete Harrison -- aka Aeiko -- has brought together digital artists from around the globe to produce a series of desktop wallpapers featuring their latest experimentations. Pete has just released a new set, so here we collect our favourites from this year and talk to him about why he has kept up the project.

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DA: How do you choose your contributors, and has this changed over the years?

PH: "I choose artists that show true creative talent and flair and that I think would be able to make something great for an exhibition -- and that could follow the theme [which is always nature]. Over the years I have got to known some of the best designers and illustrators around the world so normally it's a personal invitation. However, artists do apply all the time via email. I check out their work and skills and if I think they can bring something to the table I add them to the roster."

DA: Tell us about a few of your favourite artworks from the 2011 collection?

PH: "My favourites from the new collection are the ones that have integrated the logo for the project in original and interesting ways."

DA: What keeps you running Desktopography every year?

PH: "Every year it's fun to curate and everyone expects a new batch of wallpapers to keep their desktop fresh. The project gets a lot of attention and exposure, so has a lot to live up for and im very happy with how it's evolving and being received. I also plan to publish a book and hopefully run an exhibition too."