Illustration collective The Dead Sea Mob are emerging from under the waves for their latest event, a night of live drawing in Brighton featuring artists including Ollie Munden, Harriet Seed, Dan Mumford and Godmachine.

Taking place at the Green Door Store on September 1, The Night Shift Masquerade will also, we're guessing, involve a serious amount of grog. The Dead Sea Mob is run by a mysterious figure known only as the Captain. We tracked her down to find out more.

NB: Who's the Captain and what's this all about then?

TC: "I'm the Captain, known as Chairman Meow and I formed the Mob by recruiting a wealth of incredibly talented and somewhat frustrated friends, looking for new creative outlets and challenges. I tempered that mix with an unspeakably gifted handful of completely rogue artists and between them, a brotherhood took shape -- a bond was formed.

"I'm the one who makes it happen, pulling all of the events together with the help of friends, the kindness of strangers, as well as the generosity of sponsors like Posca. Ultimately, it's my duty to sail this beast of a ship: bark orders and see The Mob from port to port, allowing the artists do what they do best and the talent to take centre stage."

NB: Why did you get Ollie involved?

TC: "Ollie has been on the scene since our earliest days. When it came to [strengthening the ranks of the Dead Sea Mob when the collective was first starting out] Ollie was my first choice. I went to him on the strength of what I knew of his work in design, on walls and everything between -- [and] I saw with my own eyes the phenomenal success Ollie and co made of the FreakShow [exhibition in Brighton]. He's an ideas man, a grafter and a bloody lovely guy. He's the glue that holds it all together, and with a collective that's invaluable. Ollie said 'yes' because I'm not the sort of person you say 'no' to.

"So it was understandably a sad day when he [later] had to take a step back because of how busy he became with work and other commitments. We knew he could never really be replaced so we told him The Mob was for life, and that one day soon we'd come calling. That day is now upon him."

NB: With Ollie, Dan and Godmachine involved, is it all going to be all skulls, pentagrams, wolves, gore and barely covered breasts? And if not, why not?

TC: "With them involved there will always be an element of that, because that is the imagery man of them work with day in day out -- by choice or on brief. That said, the whole idea behind The Dead Sea Mob and these live art events was to challenge themselves and push them well outside their individual comfort zones."

NB: Who did the poster? (It's frickin awesome)

TC: "Ollie and Harriet 'Harry Draws Pictures' did the poster as a collaboration. It was originally suggested they do two separate designs and Ollie threw out the idea of them working together, and we're glad he did. With Harry's lovingly hand drawn elements and Ollie's slickness and attention to detail, it's a perfect marriage and the poster is nothing short of stunning."