David Hockney is not the only celebrated artist using Apple's iPad to create new work. David Kassan is featured in several newspaper reports this week for creating remarkable paintings with an iPad, Brushes app and his fingers, after Stephen Fry highlighted his work via Twitter.

Best known for his  life-size realist portraits, the New York artist had originally planned to use the iPad as a digital portfolio.

"I was the fifth person at my SoHo store in Manhattan to purchase the iPad," Kassan told reporters.

"I was initially going to use the iPad as a demonstration tool for my previous work, which is detailed painted examinations of people. I wanted to showcase to potential collectors how my work was created and the processes I go through to create it. You see, from a distance my non iPad work can be mistaken for a photograph."

Kassan had used Brushes, the same app used by Hockney, on his iPhone, but saw great potential in the app now redesigned to take full advantage of the larger screen offered by the iPad.

"I had used Brushes on the iPhone, but this is a different ball game altogether. This seems to be more about sculpting the painting and it gives the artist more of a feel for the subject matter and composition," Kassan said. "So for the past few weeks this program has really allowed me to become far more inventive with my art."

The artist, who lives in Brooklyn, has recently been visiting Manhattan's Washington Square Park to paint and sketch, using the iPad as an easel. While portraits can take several hours to create, the combination of iPad and Brushes has proved intuitive and creative.

"Working in the New York summer sunlight with subjects like Brice here, is like an artist out in the open with his canvas and paints. Brushes is a great app to work with."

Kassan thanked Apple fan Stephen Fry for highlighting his iPad artwork. "It is a wonderful thing that Stephen Fry has got involved and pointed out my painting on Youtube through his Twitter account,"  Kassan added. "I know he is into his Apple products and it would be great to meet up one day and to paint his picture on my iPad."

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Brushes - iPad Edition costs £4.99 and requires the iOS 3.2 Software Update or later.  David Kassan's work can be seen at www.davidkassan.com and by visiting his YouTube channel.