Dan Mumford redraws a lupine orchestra for Gallows

Illustrator and apparel designer Dan Mumford has just tipped us off about a poster he created before Christmas for Watford punks Gallows. He created the poster for a special show where the aggressive act were to play their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, in full.

Dan created the artwork for Orchestra of Wolves'  initial UK release in 2006, and an alternative cover for the US in 2007 -- which was also used for a limited edition re-release in the UK with a bonus disc including a cracking cover of The Ruts' Staring At The Rude Bois with Lethal Bizzle.

"Orchestra of Wolves is an album quite close to my heart," says Dan. "The artwork was something very special for me to work on; it was a great project. So when it came to this show with the band playing the whole album, I was more than happy to revisit the wolves, it was a nice oppurtunity to reimagine the artwork in poster format."

Dan was given a free hand to develop the artwork. He says: "I've known them for a long time now and I think they are happy to just let me get on with something. It's nice that they trust me to create a piece that does the band justice."

Dan wanted to revisit the original album's artwork and update it without moving away from its original feel and message.

"My style is less cartoony than it was when i worked on the original album," he says. "so it was quite nice to do a slightly more realistic take on that piece. I sent the band a rough or two as well to start of course, and they were happy with how it looked so we moved on from there.

The piece was almost entirely created digitally, amd then sent to Phantom for screenprinting -- and Dan says he was very happy with the results. The only thing left was to go to the gig itself.

"It it was fantastic," he reports. "The album is still just as great as it ever was – every song's a classic. And it was really nice to hear all those songs live again."

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