The D&AD is to give studios who get In Book and Nominated for this year's D&AD Awards small trophies that look like part of the coveted Yellow Pencil awards. Designed by Turner Duckworth, the trophies have been christened ‘the slices’ by the D&AD.

They will be officially launched at the forthcoming D&AD Awards Night, which takes place on Thursday 16 June at London’s HAC, Artillery Gardens.

Speaking about the concept Bruce Duckworth said "the challenge was to create awards that recognise the In Book and Nomination achievements, that have stature, relate to D&AD but are not another Pencil, which could dilute the importance of such an iconic award. Of course, they also need to inspire an 'I want one of those' response when seen by others and be objects truly worthy of being displayed.”

In speaking about the designs he said, “The slices of pencil are relative in relation to the size and material of the Yellow Pencil award. They are also exactly the same shape and proportion of the D&AD hexagonal logo. Of course they are made of wood, to be quirky like the Pencil itself."