Corel Painter 12.2 adds Flow maps, free iPad control app and Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch support

Corel has released Painter 12.2, an update to the digital art suite that adds flow maps for more realistic representations of paint on canvas, multi-touch support for Wacom's Intuos5 and Cintiq 24HD touch tablets, and a new iPad app that acts as a control surface for the main applications.

Flow maps enhance the Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil brushes by adding flow maps to help direct the flow of paint, producing less saturation at the peaks of textures and more saturation in the valleys.

The artist who created the artwork above has produced three video tutorials on how to use flow maps here.

Users can dock palettes to the vertical edge of the application window by simply dragging and dropping.

Multi-touch support for Wacom Intuos5 touch pen tablets and the new Cintiq 24HD touch interactive pen displays allows artists to perform movements such as panning, spinning and pinching, in order to work closely with the canvas and stay focused on the art instead of hunting for quick keys or buttons

The Corel Cinco application allows you to map  Painter buttons and palettes to a control surface on your iPad. You can use drag-and-drop functionality to choose from existing Painter palettes or create your own using the Painter 12 library of tools, brushes, media and commands. The interface is based on the user's hand and finger placement – including support for both right and left-handed interactions.

The free Corel Painter 12.2 update is available for Windows and Mac. It can be downloaded from Corel’s website.

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