Cities come to life in these sparkling app-based drawings from James Merritt

Cities from the UK and US are given a minimal, intriguing look in these works aimed for the travel crowd.

London-based illustrator James Merritt is becoming known for playing with the human form in a sports-based context, but his latest endeavour for travel app Kompas sees him bust out of his comfort zone and reach another level in his artistry.

Commissioned to depict various cities in an illustrative overhaul of the app, James has truly brought out the colour in colourful cities like London, San Francisco (above) and more.

"I think the main challenge with these images was finding the middle ground between my aspirations and the client’s," James tells DA. "This was my first experience in commissioned work for a business client so it was definitely a steep learning curve."

Designing for apps or app websites can be a nice way to expand the portfolio, and the best pieces are those like James' which stay true to the artist by not being overly corporate. The Kompas pieces also nicely symbolise their subjects using familiar iconography, but in a minimally intriguing way.


"As you may have noticed on my Instagram, none of my personal work is remotely similar to these cityscapes - it was an entirely new experience for me," James explains. "I do try to create groups of images around a central theme - recently, I've been into car windows and how their shape can provide all the required information in working out what vehicle I’ve illustrated. I’ve posted three of these on Instagram, and have several more in the works."

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