Illustrator and character art blogger Steve Rack is putting on an exhibition of works based around his Toe Fluff character template -- and is looking for Digital Arts readers to contribute and get their designs shown at the Post Modern Gallery in Swindon.

Rack has already received entries from top illustrators including Gavin Strange, Bubi Au Yeung, Alex Raveland and 64 Colors. Asked what he’s looking for, Rack says that “anything goes, so long as artists stick to the template -- or the general shape at least."

Here are some examples of characters that have already been entered.

by 64Colors

by Aaron Miller

by Bubi Au Yeung

by George Mackay

by Helena Garcia

by Podgy Panda

by Raveland

The deadline for entries is July 15. Selected works will be shown from July 26 to August 11, and all profits will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.