Celebrate classic '90s animation with Batman: The Animated Series Zoom Backgrounds

The 11 best virtual Batman backgrounds for your next video meeting on Hangouts, Houseparty or whatever you're using in your Batcave.

What voice do you hear in your head when you read Batman comics? For many '90s kids, it's a certain calm, commanding tone that comes out of Bruce Wayne/the Dark Knight's mouth, as belonging to voice acting legend Kevin Conroy.

Kevin was just one part of what made Batman: The Animated Series such a Saturday morning hit in the 1990s, its noir and dark deco aesthetic still an influence on cartoons to this day. If you'd like to show your appreciation of the series in your next virtual meeting – and do an impersonation of the animated Batman while you're at it – then check out these nine official Batman Zoom backgrounds released by DC Comics as taken from the show. Here are our top five favourites from the Batman: Animated set, followed by other official wallpapers inspired by DC's classic Batman comic books past and present.

Just click on the image you want and Save As for the maximum res. Instructions on changing your Zoom background can be found here, but of course you can also use the same images for Hangouts, Microsoft Team, Houseparty et al.

More Batman backgrounds!

The first set of DC's virtual backgrounds featured some great ones from the pages of its esteemed graphic novels, like these scenes of the Batcave and Arkham Asylum.

Its Gotham City set meanwhile showcased 2010s comic book classics by the likes of Scott Snyder and Grant Morrison. Here are our faves, along with a little background info.

The above awesome Bat-signal background is drawn by Greg Capullo, who alongside writer Scott Snyder made some of the best Batman storylines of the last decade: Court of Owls, Endgame, Superheavy/Bloom (which both feature James Gordon as a mecha-Batman in Bruce Wayne's absence) and the post-apocalyptic one-off Batman: Last Knight on Earth.

This virtual Batmobile background is by the masterful, mangaka-like Patrick Gleason, who with scribe Peter Tomasi was behind the wonderful Batman and Robin series that ran from 2011 to 2015. Must read-paperbacks from that run include Pearl, The Hunt for Robin and Robin Rises, the latter two of which revolve around the death and resurrection of the latest and greatest Robin Damian Wayne, son of Bruce.

The first Batman and Robin series from 2009 was by the great Grant Morrison, who pitted the original Robin Dick Grayson as Batman in a fight against the Devil himself. Read the Batman and Robin Must Die! graphic novel for that storyline, and keep an eye out for the last issue which was laid out like a surrealist series of paintings and which DC has never decided to collect in its trade editions.

Dick's chunky Batmobile is the vehicle you spy above, as drawn by Frank Quitely.

For something retro, you can't go wrong with this panel from the recent Batman '66 run, as based on the classic Batman TV series of the 1960s.

If you're looking for comic books continuing the tale of Batman: The Animated Series from the 1990s, then note DC Comics has a series that began this month that's worth reading, Batman: The Adventures Continue. There was even a recent crossover in the 1990s style with the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles!

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