Canon has released two new Pixma multifunction printers, the Pixma MG8150 and the Pixma MG6150 (which strangely are known as the MG8120  and MG6120 in the US). Both printers showcase two enhancements to Canon's Pixma's line.

The first enhancement is called the Intelligent Touch System, which is implemented through the MG8150 and MG6150 control panels. The control panel uses touch-sensitive buttons, and only the buttons you need to use light up. Canon says this should make the devices quicker and easier to use, and minimize mistakes.

The second enhancement is called Full HD Movie Print. This feature works only with selected Canon EOS digital SLR cameras, or PowerShot point-and-shoot cameras that support HD video recording. Full HD Movie Print allows you to select a frame from a recorded HD video and print it. You can also apply noise reduction to the selected frame so the print doesn't appear grainy, and resolution enhancement makes lines look smooth, not jaggy.

Both the Pixma MG8150 and Pixma MG6150 use six individual ink cartridges and prints at a maximum coloir resolution of 9,600x2,400dpi and a maximum monochrome resolution of 600x600dpi.

The Pixma MG8150 has a color flatbed scanner that has a maximum optical resolution of 4,800x9,600 dpi. The MG6150's colour flatbed scanner has a maximum resolution of 4,800x4,800dpi.

The Pixma MG8150 is £280 plus VAT (or $300 in the US), while the Pixma MG6150 is £169 plus VAT ($200).