Having already experimented with trainer design back in 2007, illustrator Jon Burgerman is back with a fresh pair of kicks to help size? celebrate its 10th anniversary. The King of the Doodle is putting his own personal design stamp onto two pairs of Puma High Tops.

These will only be available from size? and will be produced in very small numbers. There will be two versions, with 130 pairs of the white and just 40 red pairs being created.

These designs are much looser and chaotic than his 2007 trainers. For these designs Jon takes inspiration from the sneakers he currently owns and the ‘lives’ they lead. The artwork explores this by capturing the feeling of a strange journey from an imagined sneaker’s eye view, which size? describes as "The streets and city, from that low down perspective, all dizzying and disorienting, send your senses off in a delirious spin of wonderment."

The trainers went on sale on December 11.