Self-publishing service Blurb is now letting you create notebooks featuring a mix of your own artwork and photos, and a range of blank pages for your own jottings and sketches.

The Notebook includes a variety of templates including lined, grid and blank pages and uncoated white paper which is excellent for notes and sketches and even resists pen smudges. Every sixth page of the design includes an image container where customers can drag and drop their own photos or artwork.

“Notebooks are where good ideas begin. Your notebook or journal should not only inspire you but also make an impression on others. These little books make perfect gifts and excellent marketing giveaways for creative professionals.” said Eileen Gittins, CEO and founder of Blurb.
Blurb custom Notebooks are available as part of the latest version of the company’s free bookmaking tool, BookSmart and can also be created using Blurb’s plug-in for InDesign and the PDF to Book workflow.