Type designer Seb Lester was contacted earlier this year about designing the graphics for a new BMX frame, designed by Emer Bicycles. As well as Lester’s high quality level of personal Type illustration, his portfolio also includes work for top clients like Apple, Nike and Intel. When the opportunity came to design a more modest project, Seb replied: “BMX was a big part of my life for the best part of 10 years, and I still follow the scene, so I was really pleased to help out.”

Emer said they wanted a logo that conveyed speed and dynamic energy, as that’s what the bike is all about. It’s a very light and fast cruiser with 24-inch wheels and modern BMX geometry. 

“We discussed ideas and it seemed like a strong idea to make the letters out of the swooping flight path of a Swift with the inline treatment accentuating movement as well. The lettering style developed is a very modern, cursive, flourished script,” said Seb.

The Emer Swift graphics designed by Seb Lester, and below featured on a limited edition sweatshirt