Beautiful illustration work by Ciara Phelan for Glamour

The illustrator discusses the project and gives us an exclusive peek at artworks that never made it into the magazine.

London-based Ciara Phelan has added illustrated elements to Pamela Hanson’s photography for Glamour magazine

She was asked to “enhance a springtime fashion story with botanical-themed collage. The clothes were very sugary in colour, so they wanted the collages to be of spring flowers, blossom, peonies, bluebirds and butterflies.”

Ciara wanted the pieces to feel both natural and slightly surreal at the same time.

"I thought it was important to have the model interacting with the collage so the image was viewed as a cohesive whole," she says, "and the collage [would not be] seen as an afterthought.

Ciara original submissions to the magazine – which are shown here – added some texture vector shapes to add fluidity and movement to the pieces – as well as bringing out a sense of depth.

"They help to compositionally guide your eye whilst unifying the colour palette," she says. However, these were removed before publication in the magazine.

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