Finally available through UK distribution is Dragon Art: Inspiration, Impact and Technique in Fantasy Art, written by sometime Digital Arts contributor Graeme Aymer.

With a foreword by influential fantasy Lord of the Rings' artist John Howe, the book is an exploration of dragon mythology and its fascination for fantasy artists.
Its 200 pages are packed with dragon illustrations from established and up-and-coming names in fantasy art, including Bob Eggleton, Todd Lockwood, Kerem Beyit, Jon Hodgson, Michelle –Lee Phelan, Marissa Rivera and Janny Wurts among others. The artist discuss their influences, creative philosophy and artistic execution, while also offering tips to anyone interested in depicting those mighty and mysterious creatures. The book also includes a number of case study walkthroughs.

Dragon Art is published by Flame Tree Publishing in hardback with an RRP of £20.