Russian artist Alexey Chebykin has created a series of artworks that take aim at the overwhelming level of security at this summer's London 2012 Olympics. They show how the explicitly aggressive displays of military weaponry and other security measures could be better integrated into the aesthetics of London – plus other host cities including Torino, Athens and Sochi (host of the 2014 Winter Olympics). The steampunk-style results are amusing, but also make a point about how alien the design of current military equipment has become.

Alexey says that the project "is an attempt to adapt weapons to the peaceful social environment by transforming its appearance. The popular character of cultural events and the real presence of terrorism today force society to use the secret service and military equipment in public places. This aspect has given rise to the problem of total psychic perception of the awesome weapon. The necessity arose to introduce special camouflage for military equipment in the context of festivals.

"The transformation of a weapon's appearance and the adaptation of its design to an architectural style in a public place is the only way to fit it in and conceal its military form from direct pathologic associations. The architectural concept of exterior design of military equipment has a positive subconscious effect on the human psyche with its harmonious forms which have stood the test of time."