Artists pay tribute to the one and only Stan Lee

Sam Gilbey, Rob McCallum and more pay tribute to the comic book legend.

By now you'll probably have heard of the tragic passing of Stan Lee, the comic book artist and figurehead behind Marvel comics. While his recent cameos in the Marvel cinematic universe suggested his movie persona was actually that of an immortal alien from the 'Watcher' race, Stan died on Monday at the very human age of 95, leaving behind a legacy of co-created characters including Spider-Man, Hulk and the X-Men, all of whom will undoubtedly live forever in the pop culture pantheon.

As you can expect, the art world was quick to commemorate the great man, with illustrator Sam Gilbey catching our eye with this portrait and tweet.

Digital Arts fave Butcher Billy has also brought his 'Golden Age' touch to proceedings, with this fantastic piece for an LA Times special on the great man.

Effects studio MPC also paid tribute to Stan by sharing Kong Chi Lo's touching doodle of all your favourite Marvel heroes embracing their creator.

Artist Rob McCallum also shared this nice little story touching on one of Stan's favourite catchphrases.

'Nuff said, to use another of Mr. Marvel's phrases. Rest in peace, Stan.

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